Over the years, I have explored, studied and practiced multiple spiritualities. I have developed a fondness for some but not so much as to “become” a part of any. I am at peace with and perfectly comfortable practicing any one of the many that I have embarked upon.  If near a river, I call upon my Orisha Oshun for guidance and inspiration. If feeling particularly restless and can’t stop my mind from racing, I utilize the principals of Buddhism and chant or meditate to ease the weariness.  I embrace the concepts of mindfulness and being grateful, and attribute happiness to the level of love within me and the vibrations that I choose to tap into. If at a family dinner, I happily join in grace with a prayer that typically concludes in Jesus’s name. Often, I give praise to Allah or Blessed Be to the infinite Universe. I have respect for the simplicity taught by the church of Mormon and have found some of the teachings of the Jehovah Witness to be quit intriguing.  I subscribe to and appreciate the earth reverence of the Shaman as well as Wicca and have the highest respect for the sheer discipline and unwavering allegiance of the Muslim’s. Being raised Catholic, I am still fascinated by the rituals and ceremonies of the Catholic church; likely why I have such an affinity for candle magick. Through my brush with Yoruba I learned ancestor reverence, divination and the importance of sacrifice, I pay homage by constructing alters and leaving offerings for my ancestral spirits that live on within me. All these studies, journeys and inspiration have led me to understand that there is no right or wrong way, it is all the same. Every “thing “lives and has a vibration or “energy”, any “thing”, any idea, any concept, any ritual, any religion, any fanaticism- any-“thing”,  and every-“thing” that we give offerings to in the form of  energy;  be it conscious or subconscious; is living and breathing and therefore real, right and very powerful. Even something as simple as a book can hold and does indeed harbor memories. It is important to understand yin and yang, it is important to understand the balance that governs the universe that we thrive in; and that which governs us all. Within us all is the ability for the greatest good or the exact opposite. The universe is comprised of a balance and at any “time” we may experience moments of awesomeness, moments of constant and those times or hardships- this is the human experience this is our personal “holy trinity”.


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Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means of divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. Astrology has been dated to at least the 2nd millennium BCE, and has its roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine communications. Many cultures have attached importance to astronomical events, and some – such as the Indians, Chinese, and Maya – developed elaborate systems for predicting terrestrial events from celestial observations. Western astrology, one of the oldest astrological systems still in use, can trace its roots to 19th–17th century BCE Mesopotamia, from which it spread to Ancient Greece, Rome, the Arab world and eventually Central and Western Europe. Contemporary Western astrology is often associated with systems of horoscopes that purport to explain aspects of a person’s personality and predict significant events in their lives based on the positions of celestial objects; the majority of professional astrologers rely on such systems.


Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum, often referred to as liquid light crystal; It is a master crystal when it comes to clearing away negative energy. It effectively absorbs negative energy from a space and person. As selenite helps to remove energy blockages, it can be used to balance the emotions and bring about mental clarity. 
The powerful vibration of selenite opens the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Selenite calms and brings deep peace, mental clarity, clearing confusion and revealing the bigger picture behind problems. 
A protective stone, Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences. Use selenite around your home or in the corners of a room to create a safe and peaceful space. Selenite also removes energy blocks from physical and etheric bodies. Selenite is said to reverse the effects of “free radicals” to heal and repair on the cellular level.
You do not need to activate this item for it to work for you. It is an intuitive binding utilizing and you can also work specifically & directly with the energy of this piece through meditation or quiet time, or keeping it within a foot of your bed during sleep to work with it during your rest. 
I have one on my nightstand near my bed, on my desk at work, in my purse at all times and in my car. 
Selenite is a very soft stone and should be kept dry.


Palo Santo is one of The Honey Pot’s best sellers and for good reason. Those that are unaware will sometimes inquire “what’s this Palo Santo thing all about and why is everyone buying it.” So, I thought I should put some information out on this mystical tree. Palo Santo grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal. In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood”. It is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon.
Palo Santo is used for its energetically cleansing and healing properties. Just like Sage and Cedar; Palo Santo is essential in clearing negative energy from your space.It has an uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to the Source of all creation. It is also said that Palo Santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune.
Burning Instructions:
Use a match or lighter to ignite your stick of Palo Santo. Hold at about a 45-degree angle pointing the tip down toward the flame. Allow it to burn for about 30 secs to 1 minute and then blow out. Move about your space in which you would like to clear the energy. The rich smell will also bring peace and clarity to the moment, along with good feelings. When finished, place the stick in a fire proof bowl holder. Now relax and enjoy. The glow will end on its own unless you blow on the ember which will keep the smoke going. Always use caution and respect when working with fire.

What is Smudging?

Smudging clears negative energy from your space and helps you start anew. Smudging is a practice of our ancestors in which sacred plants, such as sage, cedar and Palo Santo are burned and the smoke clears and blesses one’s space. Did you realize that stagnant negative energy can have a physical effect on you? It can leave you feeling stuck, negative, lethargic, and emotionally depleted. Clearing your emotional, energetic, mental, spiritual, or physical body, as well as your environment is essential in manifesting positive vibration. The goal of smudging is to clear your space of haunting energy that is not in line with your intentions. 
How to Smudge:
What you will need:
  • Sage or other sacred plants listed above. Sage represents the earth element and when burned, the smoke from it represents the air.
  • Abalone shell. This is meant to hold and burn the plants. The shell represents the water element.
  • Matches or a lighter. Represent the fire element.
  • Feather. Represents the air element. (Optional)
The Process:
  • Clear your space of clutter and mess and open windows and curtains and allow for clean air to enter.
  • Set your intention or just focus your energy.
  • Light the tip of your smudge stick with a match, then gently wave the stick in the air till the tip begins to smolder. (Hold the smudge stick over the fireproof container at all times in order to avoid any lit herbs falling on the floor.)
  • You can use a feather, if you have one, but usually just gently waving your hands to disperse the smoke is enough.
  • Go clockwise around your house starting at the front door, and gently wave the smoke into the air. Make sure to smudge the corners of each room, as they tend to accumulate stagnant energy. Don’t forget closets, laundry rooms, garage and basement.
  • Once you have smudged all areas of your house, return to the front door where you started and gently extinguish your smudge stick session.
I recommend smudging a minimum of twice per year or as often as needed, currently I smudge once a week when I clean the house.

Candle Colors and Meaning!

Using candles for manifestation purposes is an ageless tradition. We have been making a wish and blowing out candles since our very first birthday. Spiritual believers hold that a candle flame can create a passageway that will enable prayers and petitions to be more easily received by such powers from which help is being sought. The color of candles is essential in bringing forth your desires, each color carries a different energy frequency and meaning. Below is a simple guide to help you choose the exact candle color to manifest your heart’s desire.
The white candle represents the highest level of consciousness. Burning a white candle while in a meditative state is to seek protection, healing, and purification. White represents truth, unity, harmony, and wholeness of spirit. The user who burns a white candle is invoking lunar energy. Since all colors are derived from pure white light, a white candle can be used as replacement for any other candle.
A strong, banishing color, black is associated with transition and rest. Burn a black candle to absorb negativity, break a bad habit, or mark the end of a phase in your life. Many protective prayers include a black candle. The burning of a black candle is serious business and is done when one wants to neutralize negative energies, the color black offers protection from illness, evil and the negative energy, the black candle is also burned to harness the healing energy of the universe
Red is the color of sex, love, power, and vitality. A red candle draws these qualities to you, and aids you in any manifestation that requires strong, fiery energy. The burning of red candles is said to put one in touch with the power of the flesh. Red represents temporal pleasures. It symbolizes passion and love, stimulates energy, vitality, fertility, and personal power. Those who light a red candle are tapping into Scorpio energy. They seek love, respect, power magnetism and survival.
Blue helps you call upon the peace and patience of the element of Water. Blue carries a gentle, but powerful energy. Choose a blue candle for desires involving emotional healing, truth, and justice. A very spiritual color, blue can help awaken and heal the psychic mind. Made from a primary spiritual color, blue candles are used in the examination of emotions (Saturn energy) and the attainment of calming wisdom and healing sleep. There are many shades of blue. Burning a dark blue candle promotes joy and laughter. Dark blue influences dreams and emotions. Royal blue signifies loyalty and fealty. Royal blue stirs the spiritual self and this color of candle is invoked by seekers of truth. Light blue is another very spiritual color. Light blue candles radiate Aquarian energy (calm waters) and are ideal for pursuing inspirational meditations. Those who light a blue candle are seeking truth, harmony and guidance while amplifying their creativity and perception.
Yellow is associated with the element of Air and the powers of the mind. Yellow exemplifies brainpower and intellect. Burn a yellow candle for success in learning or the arts, or to enhance communication in a relationship. Yellow also increases focus and intuition. Those that light a yellow candle are seeking to access the wisdom of the ages, and garner control over the full benefit of their own mental powers. Yellow embodies creativity, inspiration, concentration, logic, learning and action. The light of a yellow candle brings one closer to attaining the cheerfulness, endurance, stability, and security they crave
Green is the color of success and abundance. Green is the money, abundance, and prosperity color. This meaning can be traced back through the ages to when prosperity meant a bountiful harvest. Light a green candle when you want to mediate and reflect on fortune, prosperity, financial matters, growth, and the good luck that makes finding employment or business success possible.
The vibrant hue of orange evokes ambition and creativity. Orange candles are well-suited for career workings, or any other time you need to assert your strength and individuality. Orange is the color of sudden change and the color of persuasion. The act of burning an orange candle is an aggressive move. One would do so to effect instant and profound change. The lighting of orange candles is suitable for rituals occurring on the eve of weddings or important business meetings.
The color of mystery and magic, purple is associated with psychic matters. Use a purple candle for divination, astral travel, and to strengthen your connection with the unseen realms. Historically the color of royalty, purple is also related to wishes, ambition, power, and authority. Ancient wisdom holds that purple is associated with the third eye. Burning a purple candle can enhance psychic powers. The color has a meaning steeped in meditation, divination, and hidden knowledge. Those who burn purple candles do so to expand upon what they already have. They may also wish to obtain spiritual protection, find recognition, or seek reconciliation with something that exists in the realm of the spirits.
Pink is the color of emotional well-being, sensuality, and matters of the heart. Choose a pink candle when you wish to grow in compassion and self-love, or attract the love of others. Forgiveness and reconciliation also call for gentle pink. Putting a flame to a pink candle means that the devotee is interested in forming a partnership or is possibly seeking affection or perhaps emotional healing. The color of universal love, pink represents the purest form of love – unconditional and enduring.
Resting halfway between white and black, grey is the color of neutrality and balance. A grey candle may be used when you wish to neutralize negative energy that may be directed at you. Also used to gain discernment and wisdom. The gray candle has the power to offset negative influences without repercussions. The gray candle is used in the same manner that charcoal is used to flush poisons from the body.
Brown is the color of our Earth. This color represents above all things balance and a firm connection to the land. The individual who petitions in the presence of a burning brown candle is sending a message to the universe that they respect the dignity and solemnity of mother Earth (they are well-grounded), and that they acknowledge the delicate balance of all things living on this Earth. Brown candles are used in rituals to regain balance, seek refuge from chaos, eliminate indecisiveness, find lost items, and develop meaningful friendships.
The gold candle is burned to achieve enlightenment. Gold is the very symbol of good fortune. It represents money, success, protection, and victory over our troubles. The burning of a gold candle enhances communication with the universe as it attracts positive cosmic influences. Gold candles are recommended for use in rituals undertaken to gain personal power or fortune.
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The Best Stones to attract Money!$

Who couldn’t use a bit more money?
Do you want to become a money magnet? Crystal healing has you covered with wealth and abundance stones.
Green aventurine has a reputation for bringing opportunity and is very powerful in crystal healing. It′s known as the “Gambler′s Stone” because it helps increase luck when it comes to financial gain. The best way to use this crystal to bring you abundance is to keep it in the dish where you toss your loose change at the end of the night. Eventually, that dish will grow full! It never hurts to keep one in your purse, wallet, or your back pocket as well. You might also put it where your business and other important papers are kept, and wear it when you have business or financial meetings. Bring this stone when you have a meeting where you need to ask people to invest in your  business venture?
Citrine is a deep golden form of quartz. It′s earned the nickname of the “Merchant′s Stone” because, as folklore has it, shopkeepers that kept it in their stores were richer than all others. It is believed to attract money, which of course would attract wealth. Not only is it said to attract customers if you are a seller, but it also attracts those in possession of wealth to you. It′s not limited to acquiring money, though. Any kind of tangible wealth and abundance corresponds with the beautiful colors of citrine. It also resonates with the solar plexus chakra, the area of your energy where powerful transformation occurs.
Jade is thought to bring luck and prosperity. It was valued in ancient China not just for its beautiful color, but also its apparent ability to bring good luck and fortune. This is another stone that you can drop in your loose change dish, or keep with your financial papers for an added boost of positive energy. This stone works with your heart chakra to help keep your desire for wealth in balance with your emotional desires. It will balance your ambition with your compassion and promote understanding towards people in your life.
This is by far my favorite stone. It′s easily programmed to any purpose, and it magnifies the intent that you place within it. Clear quartz is really great for removing negative and toxic energies, like fear, and it grounds you in more confidence. If fear is holding you back from going after that job, raise, promotion, or career change, quartz can help you.  Place quartz on a folded up $5 bill and put in a safe place. You might even want to place the folded bill and stone in a dish where the sun′s light can bathe them in positive energy. You can never have too much clear quartz around as its attachment to your intention is very powerful.
This is such a happy stone, full of the colors of sunlight. Don′t confuse it with goldstone, though, which is composed of oxidized copper. Sunstone is all-natural, a great stone for injecting positive energy into your wealth. It aligns with your sacral chakra and helps you to rid yourself of any fears not having enough.  Fears of poverty, inferiority, and overall lacking will get in the way of true abundance. If you don′t banish these fears they can seriously hurt you, thus Sunstone a very powerful ally for helping to keep these thoughts at bay.
When it comes to being a money magnet, the first step is believing that it will happen to you. We call that setting intentions. So set that intention! These crystals are your next step. This sets up a chain reaction in the Universe to get working on sending that positive energy right back to you, along with a lot of  green!$$$
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